Writers Wanted

Have you ever thought you’d like to get into writing/blogging, but didn’t know where to start?

Are you a seasoned writer and would like to have another channel to distribute your work?

Are you looking to make a little money by writing articles in your spare time?

The BeerMonster would love to invite you to join us as a writer if you’d like to give it a shot and see if it works out for you.

We consider all articles based around beer, pubs, brewing, breweries and associated industries or aspects.

Articles can be serious, promote discussion, humour, parody, satire and anything in-between.

The benefits …

  • You can earn money from your posts

We insert adverts inside your article and 100% of all the revenue made from these ads goes to you.

All monies owed to you are paid monthly – subject to a minimum threshold of £5.

  • We handle all aspects of publishing and promoting your post for you.

We add images, social media tags and format your article for the website.

We promote your article through social media and to our email subscribers.

  • How does the website cover it’s own costs?

We have adverts of our own in a couple of other places on the website (not in your author articles). This revenue will eventually support running costs, but initially all income will be spent on marketing for the benefit of article writers. We also write articles ourselves just like other independent writers.

  • Where’s the catch?

There’s not one really, but please feel free to ask any questions you like.

How to get started / How we can help you …


If your interested please send us a brief description about your proposed article to admin@beermonster.co.uk with the Subject Line as ‘Article Proposal’, or just get in touch via Facebook comments below. 🙂

If you’re stuck on thinking about what to write about, we more than happy to offer you suggestions for articles that we need that we haven’t got around to writing yet.

Oh, and it really doesn’t matter how you submit articles to us and we accept many documents formats, from plain text to all major word processing applications so don’t worry about what you use to write the article with. It’s your choice entirely and we’re happy to use even just the contents of an email – this allows you to concentrate on the content rather than having to think about making it look nice (we do this for you!).